I still have a quiz, reading, and a discussion board to do.

But I’m just pinned to my bed, head propped up on two pillows, watching car lights paint shadows of blinds on my ceiling and wall.

Nasal congestion is a bitch right now. And I cannot get sick. Especially this weekend(my sister’s birthday). I’d rather catch feels than the common cold.

There’s a biological battle brewing in my body, but my immune system is heavily equipped with the most powerful weaponry—water, vitamins, antioxidants…food. Good food and rest.

I don’t believe in over-the-counter medication. Take care of your body, and it will take care of you. Also, a positive mindset. I’ll be fine tomorrow night. I’ll be good.

2:30 am:
The case of the “maybes”
Tiresome safe words,
Half-assed and lazy.
Enveloped in
Too much thinking.
Please get me a beer.

It’s the hormones. Yeah, let’s blame it on the hormones. #sharkweek